Lupus Fighters of America FoundationLupus Support Group Meetings

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is a 501c3 Federal Exempt Organization. Were dedicated to assisting those struggling with Lupus, helping the less fortunate families as well as rebuilding our community.

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Lupus Support Group Meetings

Don’t walk through life thinking your alone with your battle with Lupus. Were here to assist, help educate and support you in your daily struggles in the war against Lupus.

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Who We Are

The Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is devoted to solving the mystery of lupus, one of the world’s cruelest, most unpredictable, and devastating diseases.

Its important to us that we do our best to educate the general public and family members about lupus. Lupus is slowly making the headlines within each community and state worldwide. We must educate each individual the importance of having knowledge of the disease and spread more Lupus Awareness.

We need your assistance and understanding to help spread the news about lupus and its deadly impact. Will you assist us in educating and spreading lupus awareness while giving the unconditional care, love, support and understanding to those in need.

LFOA will soon be providing a transportation service for those who suffer from its brutal impact. We envision a life free of lupus and we can use your assistance. Support a cause the supports all people, communities, cities, states and countries. "UNITED WE STAND - DIVIDED WE FALL"

CLICK HERE to view our upcoming events and or HERE for our charitable Event Planning & Management Services.

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Our Vision

Here at Lupus Fighters we envisions a world without people suffering from the mystery of lupus. The LFOA will advance the research, science and development of organic alternative medicine for lupus, in order to find a cure for this deadly disease.

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Our Goals

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for the 30,000+ less fortunate men women children & families, including the 13,500+ people affected by lupus in Nevada. Through programs of research, education, outreach, transportation, support and advocacy.

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Our Mission

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation's mission is to find a cure for Lupus. Each individual involved in our foundation has committed time, experience, effort and significant lupus research to gain knowledge of the disease. We support our Lupus Warriors.

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Donate to our Transportation Service...

Make a donation towards our Transportation Service,  and help support our Lupus Warriors, Cancer Survivors, Senior Citizens, Disabled Vets and PTSD patients. Your contribution will provide a comfortable ride for the patients to and from their scheduled non emergency doctors appointments and hospital visits. A service thats needed for our Lupus Patients and those in need in our community.

Visit Our Market Place

Welcome to the Lupus Fighters Marketplace. All proceeds go directly to the Lupus Fighters of America Foundation.

Shop here for ebooks, clothes, computers, gifts & more. We are dedicated to providing education & outreach programs, support & transportation services to all people affected by lupus. Visit Our Marketplace

Make A Generous Donation..

Show your support to the 13,500+ Nevadans and 1.5 million+ worldwide dealing with Lupus every single day. Get involved, make a difference, be apart of something greater than yourself.


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Through programs of research, outreach, education, support and a variety of services, the Lupus Fighters of America provides help and hope to people with lupus and their families. For Lupus […]

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Welcome to the Lupus Fighters Marketplace – all proceeds go directly towards our outreach and education programs. As well; its disburse towards the transportation and support group services to assist […]

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